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  • Demon Down Under

    Your task in this adventure game is to help little rabbit in his quest to fight against all demons and save all his sisters. Check all controls inside the game.

    • Notation actuelle 1.67/5
    Vu: 8341
  • The Last Dinosaurs

    What if I tell you that dinosaurs didn't die, but they are waiting for the right moment to take their revenge? Your task is to kill all your opponents inside an arena. Use all available weapons at your disposal to survive.

    • Notation actuelle 2.40/5
    Vu: 14749
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    • Notation actuelle 5.00/5
    Vu: 2010
  • Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

    In this episode Bob has to fight against huge dragon. It doesn't matter as you still have to help him to reach exit door safely. Travel through a dangerous levels and avoid all obstacles in your way.

    • Notation actuelle 2.89/5
    Vu: 35669
  • Monkey Go Happy Dragon

    As usual in Monkey games you have to solve different puzzles to make them happy again. Click around the screen, look for objects and solve the problem.

    • Notation actuelle 2.78/5
    Vu: 34618
  • Wanna Oranges?

    Your aim is to guide an orange to the hungry panda. To do that you'll have to solve different puzzles by removing certain objects, making paths and many more.

    • Notation actuelle 2.77/5
    Vu: 30694
  • Monkey Go Happy Balloons

    In this episode you have to collect all toys and pop balloons to pass the level. Finish all 25 levels to increase your mood. Use mouse to point and click.

    • Notation actuelle 2.70/5
    Vu: 29626
  • Monkey Go Happy Tales 2

    As always - monkeys are unhappy - your task is to make them happy. Solve different tasks by clicking on different objects on the screen.

    • Notation actuelle 2.70/5
    Vu: 33095
  • Monkey Go Happy Tales

    Find your monkey babies by solving 4 different big and complex puzzles. Move from one room to another, find some items and use them at other locations. Use mouse to point and click.

    • Notation actuelle 2.91/5
    Vu: 27170
  • Fishy Waters

    Catch some fish and sell it to earn enough money. Then use hardly made money to buy some upgrades for your boat or unlock new places on the map to catch some bigger fish. Use arrow keys to move and catch fish. Use Mouse to control menus.

    • Notation actuelle 2.82/5
    Vu: 21911
  • Rise of the Titans

    Turn the world into total chaos and scare all humans to the death. Control your super big creature, run over houses, trees and even humans to reach your goal. Use arrows to run, space to smash, click to shoot.

    • Notation actuelle 2.77/5
    Vu: 23114
  • Monster Squad

    Fight against different mystical creatures and take control over entire land. Stage by stage earn new items, equipments, spells and many other powerful skills to beat your opponents. Use Mouse to control the game.

    • Notation actuelle 3.04/5
    Vu: 21363
  • Turtle Mega Rush

    You play as a turtle who is trying to escape from a boiler. Angry cook is trying to catch you. Your aim is to run as far as you can, collect coins and other items on your way to buy some cool upgrades.

    • Notation actuelle 2.80/5
    Vu: 19509
  • Flappy Bird

    Finally we also have this scandalous game on our site. Probably you know what to do?! Control your yellow bird and fly across numerous obstacle to set the best score. Don't get too angry - this is just a game :)

    • Notation actuelle 2.98/5
    Vu: 36406
  • Monkey Go Happy Mayhem

    Guess what?! Monkeys are unhappy again. Your task is to do whatever it takes to make them laugh again. Solve all puzzles by clicking and pointing with your mouse.

    • Notation actuelle 3.22/5
    Vu: 30481
  • Atomic Sea

    You start as a small fish. Your task is to evolve into bigger one by eating other fishes. As game progresses more and more dangerous enemies will appear. Use your mouse to control the game and survive as long as possible.

    • Notation actuelle 2.97/5
    Vu: 29642
  • Holy Crap Bears Recommended

    Personally I find this game totally funny, especially when bears points their lighters on their faces :) Your task is to avoid blood thirsty bears. Just move from side to side, collect different things and help your friends. Use arrow keys to move.

    • Notation actuelle 2.76/5
    Vu: 23719
  • Deep Sea Hunter 2

    We are traveling around the sea in yellow submarine (like in good old song). Fight against different see creatures and move further and further. Use your mouse to control the game.

    • Notation actuelle 3.07/5
    Vu: 25801
  • Snail Bob 6: Winter Story

    Even Snail Bob had his own Christmas this year. Help him to solve different tasks and let him have a very merry Christmas. Activate various tools, items and mechanisms to pass the level.

    • Notation actuelle 3.17/5
    Vu: 30233
  • Monkey Go Happy Xmas Time

    Of course, how there can be a Christmas without unhappy monkeys. Your task is to solve different puzzles and prepare everything for Christmas celebration. Otherwise Santa will not come to visit little monkeys.

    • Notation actuelle 3.26/5
    Vu: 36017
  • Dino Assault

    In this tower defense game you have to fight against incoming dinosaur waves. Place your towers on desired places and protect your base. Earn gold and use it to buy new towers and upgrade existing ones. Use Mouse to play.

    • Notation actuelle 2.87/5
    Vu: 25292
  • Feed Us Lost Island

    Hungry piranha is back and this time we are on some lost island where some cannibals and Indians live. Help the little fish to dive deep in the water and look for human flesh. Use your mouse to control the game.

    • Notation actuelle 3.22/5
    Vu: 27345
  • Prehistoric Shark

    Turn the prehistoric world into total chaos. Control your hungry shark and eat other animals, sink boats and many more. Use your arrow keys to control the shark. Press A to attack.

    • Notation actuelle 3.11/5
    Vu: 27666
  • Pokemon Tower Defense 2

    Pokemons are back. This game is not usual tower defense game. Place your pokemons to fight against enemies. Use your mouse to control the game. When walking around use Arrows and Space.

    • Notation actuelle 3.32/5
    Vu: 29249
  • Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2

    Ohh, honestly, I'm getting tired of these monkeys. But what can we do if still they need Your help. Use elevators to help them to find some lost toys for their kids. Use your mouse to point and click on objects.

    • Notation actuelle 2.92/5
    Vu: 37709
  • Home Sheep Home 2 Lost In Space

    This time your task is to help 3 lovely sheep to navigate across some space station. Control 3 different size animals to get through various situations and reach the exit point. Use arrows to move. Use numbers 1-3 to switch between them.

    • Notation actuelle 2.80/5
    Vu: 28896
  • Humble Jungle Puzzle

    In this lovely game you have to feed cute little creatures that are standing at the sides of the game field. Your task is to connect all round shapes and then guide one last to their mouths. Some of them can move along the board, some of them can not.

    • Notation actuelle 2.40/5
    Vu: 73209
  • Colorful Penguins

    Cut the ropes and ice blocks to hit the penguins and finish the level. You touch one penguin with the block only once. That's why you have to use your mouse precisely to leave a peace for everyone.

    • Notation actuelle 2.59/5
    Vu: 23661
  • Acid Bunny 2

    In this strange but funny free online game you have to guide little acid bunny through different levels. Jump over clouds, collect various items and many more. Use arrow keys to move and jump. Press Jump button twice for a double jump.

    • Notation actuelle 2.85/5
    Vu: 26415
  • Furitive Dao

    The main goal in this game is to earn money to restore your destroyed shelter. Drag your little hero around the screen to collect coins and kill enemies. Use your mouse to guide him. You have limiter number of moves per level.

    • Notation actuelle 2.81/5
    Vu: 24900
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